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Pauls art for sale including Giclee prints and occasionally original works.

The Art of Scratchboard

The art of scratchboard dates back to the 19th Century and was used in advertising products prior to photography.

Scratchboard is a chalk-layered board with a thin coat of ink applied to the smooth surface. The artist takes a series of needles and removes the ink in a subtractive method. Color is then added with fluorescent chalks and inks to archive a natural look.

Fine Art Reproductions

Giclées (pronounced “zhee-clay”) are fine art reproductions that can literally cause people to wonder, including the artist, whether they are looking at an original or the reproduction.

Giclées were created in the early 1990’s. The Giclée process produces fine art prints or archival prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. Giclée style printing allows the artist to control every aspect of the image, color, and the substrate (media) printed on. These Giclées can be printed on a wide variety of papers, canvas and metal.

Create Your Own Scratchboard


Commissioned Pet Portraits
Commissioned Pet Portraits
Commissioned Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

“Pets leave a lasting impression on our lives, and I love being able to preserve someone’s beloved four-legged friend forever through scratchboard art.”   …Paul Hopman

Commissioned Pet Portraits
Commissioned Pet Portraits
Commissioned Pet Portraits

To Begin Your Commissioned Pet Portrait

Commissioning your Pet’s portrait will be a rewarding experience that will give you or someone you love a lifetime of cherished memories! To begin your order, first email me your contact information and the size painting you are interested. I will then contact you with a phone call so we can discuss the details.

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