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Master of Scratchboard
Animal Art

Paul started his career as an illustrator and graphic designer. His passion evolved to drawing animals using the scratchboard technique. Paul has been widely commissioned for not only his amazing illustrations of wild animals but also endearing pet portraits. Paul’s work is collected around the world.

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Capturing the Soulof the Animal

“I have always been a fan of nature, it is just part of who I am.”

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What is Scratchboard?

Scratchboard process
Scratchboard process
Scratchboard process
Scratchboard process
Scratchboard process - finished scratchboard

About Scratchboard Art

Watch the video to see how Scratchboard Art is made.
VIDEO: (5.28min)

Try It Yourself

Paul created ScratchBoard University to help others create their own works of art with with his scratchboard kit and videos. VIDEO: (0.48min)


“Happy Birthday, my love!”
Lilly • Prescott, AZ
Paul Hopman collector
“Could not keep my eyes off of Misty.”
Marian • Tucson, AZ
Paul Hopman collector
“So realistic the animal steps out of the frame!”
Patricia • Tucson, AZ
Paul Hopman collector
“Perfect for my hotel.”
Sharon • Red River, NM
A portion of my sales go to the following charities:
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