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1st book of Scratchboard

Scratchboard is composed of a backer board on the bottom, a thin layer of ink on top, and like an Oreo cookie, white soft clay in the middle. This medium will allow you to create your own art collection. There are many tools and techniques available as you progress.

1st Book of Scratchboard is an introductory guide to the unique Art of Scratchboard. Learn about the tools and techniques to develop your own style! This kit is perfect for beginners, whether you are just getting introduced to scratchboard art, or you want a new project for the classroom. Part of every sale goes to support Friends of Western Art

The videos and book provides:

  • An introduction to scratchboard art
  • A description of the tools you need to get started
  • Information on adding color to scratchboards, performing repairs, and sealing your artwork
  • Techniques and strategies to improve your work
  • Tool maintenance and management

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Scratchboard Animal Art by Paul Hopman

3 – 6×6 Artist Scratchboards

1 – 8×10 Artist scratchboard

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Scratchboard Animal Art by Paul Hopman

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